Criminal Defense

At the Cornely Law Firm we specialize in all criminal offenses with extensive experience in Minor In Possession, Driving Under the Influence, Assault, White Collar Crimes, Drug Crimes, Fraud, and Violent Crimes.

 Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation 


The Cornely Law Firm has 28 years of experience in civil litigation including: Victims of Crimes, Wrongful Death, Workers' Compensation, Personal Injury, Insurance Litigation, Auto and Truck Accidents, Slip and Falls, and Negligence/Tort Actions 

Driving Under the Influence, Drug offenses, Alcohol Offenses 


Francis J. Cornely has been admitted to practice in the following courts:

  • All Municipal and Magistrate's Courts throughout South Carolina

  • All Circuit Courts in the 16 different judicial circuits throughout South Carolina

  • All Federal District Courts throughout South Carolina

  • Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals which includes Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia

  • The Supreme Court of the United States