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Human Trafficking

Everyone has heard of human trafficking. Yet, how much do we really know about the victims and the perpetrators? Despite a growing awareness in South Carolina, much of the truth about human trafficking remains a mystery.

First, although the majority of human trafficking victims are involved in sex labor, many victims are forced into jobs in the forestry, construction, hospitality and manufacturing industries. Instances of abduction in South Carolina are actually very low, with the most common recruitment methods being job offers, fraud and false promises or through intimate partners.

Perpetrators of human trafficking typically target vulnerable populations. Victims often have histories of trauma or abuse. They may be homeless or runaway youths or undocumented persons threatened with deportation. Human traffickers use various methods to control and manipulate their victims including:

  • force or physical restraint

  • withholding identification documents (like passport or driver’s license)

  • extortion or blackmail

  • financial control

  • controlling a victim’s access to drugs

  • coercion and psychological abuse

According to the South Carolina Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Task Force, Charleston County has the second highest rate of trafficking, behind only Greenville County. The Counties of Richland, Horry and Spartanburg also top the list. In 2022 the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) assisted 416 human trafficking victims. Of those victims 399 were minors.

The Cornely Law Firm is experienced with helping victims of human trafficking. Through that advocacy we have learned that those who have been trafficked are not just victims, they are survivors. Our goal is to guide human trafficking survivors through the court process, secure restitution and protect the dignity and respect of those survivors along the way.

"Frank will always have my respect and gratitude due to how in every specific situation he went out of his way to make sure I was being well taken care of and safe. "

- Anonymous


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